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Aerial view of Molly Brook Farm with lush fields, farm buildings, and clouds hanging low over distant hills.

Mission of the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative

The mission of the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative is to grow the economies, cultures, and communities of Vermont's working landscape.

Our Mission
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Fiscal Year 2022 funding opportunities.

Approximately 20% of Vermont’s working landscape is used for agricultural purposes, and 75% is forested. Vermont prospers and its unique sense of place thrives, in large part, because of intelligent investments in the people and enterprises that comprise its farm, food, and forest-based systems.

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Image of 2021 report cover with an apple orchard in the background

Impact Report 2021

Since its formation in August 2012, the Working Lands Enterprise Board has awarded over $7.3 million in grant funds to over 200 Vermont working lands businesses, leveraging more than $11 million in matching funds. For a list of previously funded projects, visit this page:

Funded Projects

Working lands entrepreneurs are at the heart of Vermont’s landscape. They are the backbone of the Vermont economy, a top source for job creation, and an integral part of what makes Vermont a quality place to live.

The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative supports innovative entrepreneurs at the forefront of Vermont’s Working Lands economy through technical and financial assistance to help growing businesses thrive. The program is made possible through the support of the state legislature, multiple state organizations and public/private donors.