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Mission and Values of the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative

Various items funded by the Working Lands program.








The mission of the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative is to strengthen and grow the economies, cultures, and communities of Vermont's working landscape. The Working Lands Enterprise Board achieves this by making essential, catalytic investments in critical leverage points of the Vermont farm and forest economy, and facilitating policy development to optimize the agricultural and forest use of Vermont lands.


Vermont prospers and its unique sense of place thrives in large part because of intelligent investment in the people and enterprises that comprise its farm, food, and forest based systems. Strong community engagement and support for the farm and forest sectors leads to enhanced quality of life for Vermont citizens and working lands business owners.


  • Stimulate a concerted economic development effort on behalf of Vermont’s agriculture and forest product sectors by systematically advancing entrepreneurism, business development, and job creation. 
  • Increase the value of Vermont’s raw and value-added products through the development of in-state and export markets. 
  • Attract a new generation of entrepreneurs to Vermont’s farm, food system, forest, and value-added chain by facilitating more affordable access to the working landscape. 
  • Increase the amount of state investment in working lands enterprises, particularly when it leverages private and philanthropic funds. 

Approach to Change

The infographic identifies the systemic factors that will influence and create progress towards the above goals.

Click here to view a pdf version of the WLEI approach to change graphic below. 

Infographic of WLEI approach to change