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2024 Business Grant Investments

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Primary Producer Impact Grants

$812,991 awarded to 6 businesses. These grants support businesses engaged in growing crops, raising livestock, and harvesting timber in advancing their businesses after the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Ananda Gardens, Montpelier: $62,595 for building an accessible farmstand in the Montpelier area.

Belter Family Partnership, South Burlington: $250,000 for purchase and installation of 4 GEA 9500 milking robots in a new milking barn.

Sweetland Farm, Norwich: $190,002 for winter crop storage and production facility to take the local food movement year-round and fossil-free. 

Last Resort Farm, Bristol: $74,565 for building new hay storage and converting the old dairy barn hay loft to the storage and curing of higher value crops.

Machia Brothers Dairy, Franklin: $50,000 for farmworker housing replacement project. 

Severy Farm, Cornwall: $185,829 for new livestock facilities for profitability.

Business Enhancement Grants

$558,343 awarded to 14 businesses. These grants support farm, forest, and local food businesses with market development, infrastructure and equipment costs, and workforce development to advance their businesses.  

802 Logging, Craftsbury: $50,000 for feller buncher to increase efficiency and safety and to minimize environmental impact during harvesting.

Agrigorial LLC, Jeffersonville: $35,100 for The Farm Between value-added processing kitchen.   

Bear Island Maple, Bolton: $16,650 for establishing maple sap collection. 

FinAllie Ferments, Townshend: $50,000 for improving efficiency and storage capacity.

Hackett's Orchard, South Hero: $25,000 for Honeycrisp storage expansion.

Northeastern Vine Supply, West Pawlet: $50,000 for farm income stabilization through vineyard expansion and value-added wine production.

Slopeside Syrup, Williston: $50,000 for purchase and installation of high-output packaging machine for 2 oz single-serve bottles.

SS Forestry Solutions, Williston: $15,000 for Valmet forwarder rehab. 

Sunday Bell Farm, Danville: $50,000 for new milking parlor and milking equipment.

The Goat Project, Bennington: $50,000 for creamery construction.

Top Rankin, Johnson: $48,485 for organic raw milk dairy infrastructure development.

Triple J Pastures, Irasburg:  $18,108 for mobile chicken house  

Vermont Bees, Swanton: $50,000 for honey extraction equipment upgrade for sustainability.    

Vermont Cider Lab, Essex: $50,000 for processing equipment and furthering farm partnerships.

Small Farm Diversification & Transition Grants

$150,000 awarded to 12 farms. These grants support small farms in diversifying farm products, transitioning to a new form of farming, processing farm products, and developing an accessory on-farm business.  

Calabash Gardens, Wells River: $10,300 for certified kitchen build out for value-added production.

Carman Brook Orchard, Swanton: $15,000 for sustainable cider orchard transition: diversifying with wild apple varieties.

Chamberlin's Farm, Underhill: $14,737 for farm store refrigeration.    

Ezili's Respite Farm & Sanctuary, Groton: $15,000 for on-farm incubator hub through goat dairy handling & processing facilities.

Grateful Morning Dairy, Shaftsbury: $15,000 for establshing an on-farm creamery for value-added dairy. 

Hillside Farm, Albany: $11,253 to establish on farm poultry parting.   

Howmars Farm, Franklin:  $8,600 for increasing organic potato production.

Maple Valley Farm, Bridgewater: $15,000 for establishing a farm stand  to develop a retail gateway to the community.  

Martin Family Farm, Williamstown: $6,042 for hay wagon purchase to improve hay sales capability.

Milkweed Farm, Westminster West: $15,000 for farm store display cooler.

New Tradition Farm, Huntington: $14,900 for diversifying with fruit and nut trees.

Union Brook Farm, Northfield: $9,168 for equipment to expand on-farm poultry processing.

Supply Chain Impact Grant

$788,159 awarded to 6 businesses and nonprofits. These grants support farm, forest, and local food businesses investing in critical supply chain infrastructure - such as distribution and processing initiatives - investments that create new opportunities for multiple businesses in their respective supply chains.  

Champlain Valley Grain Center, Ferrisburgh: $150,000 for still system for processing local grain day of harvest.

David White Trucking, Lemington: $67,370 for expanding logging equipment system.

Goodridge Lumber, Albany: $225,789 for converting from diesel-generated power to electric-generated three phase power.    

LSF Forest Products, Fletcher: $250,000 for sawmill expansion to increase production.

Myers Produce, Craftsbury: $45,000 for digital infrastructure to support regional sales and transportation of Vermont food.   

Vermont Farmers Food Center, Rutland: $50,000 for Heart of Vermont Agriculture Food Center.   

Trade Show Assistance Grants

$59,968 awarded to 13 businesses. These grants support local food and forest businesses to attend trade shows to bring Vermont products to out of state markets.  

Treeline Terrains, Burlington: $5,000

Eden Ice Cider Company, Newport: $4,980

Sawyer Made, Woodbury: $4,935

Grand Isle Ice Cream Company, Williston: $5,000

Ledgenear Farm, West Glover: $5,000

La Garagista, Bethel: $5,000

Maple Landmark Woodcraft, Middlebury: $4,750

NOURISH (the Planet), St. Albans: $5,000

Trenchers Farmhouse, Lyndonville: $4,975

UnTapped, Richmond: $5,000

Northeastern Vine Supply, West Pawlet: $4,090

Tavernier Chocolates, Brattleboro: $2,950

vonTrapp Farmstead, Waitsfield: $3,288