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2023 Business Enhancement Grant Investments

Business Enhancement Grant Overview

  • Award amounts $20,000 - $35,000

  • Project types:
    • Market development
    • Research and development
    • Infrastructure development
    • Energy focused projects
    • Workforce training and development

Dorset Peak Jerseys, Danby

$35,000 for improved sheep and lamb production infrastructure for increased profitability through market timing

Fort Waite Holsteins, Corinth

$35,000 for bunk silo infrastructure investment to reduce non recyclable plastic waste and increase feeding efficiency  

Joe's Brook Farm, St. Johnsbury

$35,000 for tie stall barn conversion to vegetable production, storage, and sales infrastructure     

Kalche Wine Cooperative, Fletcher

$35,000 to streamline efficiency and safety in packaging (bottling and canning) to increase production and viability. 

Sweetland Farm, Norwich

$35,000 for an electric tractor: a major step in Sweetland Farm's transition to fossil-carbon-free farming     

Lemington Maple Farm, Canaan

$35,000 for installation of grid power lines and a road to replace diesel generated power, improve sugarhouse accessibility, and allow for business growth.    

LSF Forest Products, Fletcher     

$35,000 for stormwater mitigation sitework for LSF Forest Products sawmill expansion     

Mama's Farm, Williston

$32,000 for relocation and construction of chicken housing and slaughter facility to newly purchased farm property to serve refugee community customers.    

Miller Farm, Vernon     

$30,000 for energy efficient milk storage capacity improvement    

MKVT Farm, Glover

$35,000 for freezer and farm sales expansion    

Mureta's Butcher Shop, Northfield     

$35,000 for construction and installation of equipment required to become a certified slaughterhouse.     

NOFA-VT (for Vermont Organic Farmers), Richmond     

$24,000 for organic market research & consumer insights     

Old Soul Farm, Barre         

$25,500 for barn renovation to increase business viability, revenue, and provide year-round access to local food    

Stark Mountain Woodworking, New Haven   

$35,000 for developing new market opportunity bringing Vermont hardwood custom furnishings from tree to consumer  

Taconic End Farm, Leicester     

$35,000 for bedded pack 

Tup's Crossing Farm, Orwell     

$24,596 for purchase of 4WD utility tractor with loader arm and 3rd function hydraulics for pasture and land management     

Walnut Hill Farm, Pawlet     

$34,675 for processing certified organic corn into masa harina (hominy)  

Wooden Hammer, N. Ferrisburgh

$25,000 for purchase, installation, and training for CNC machine