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2023 ARPA Primary Producer Grants

ARPA Primary Producer Impact Grant Grant Overview

  • Award amounts $50,000 - $250,000

  • Grants only to businesses involved in primary agricultural or forestry production, such as growing crops, raising livestock, or harvesting timber

  • Project types:
    • Market development
    • Research and development
    • Infrastructure development
    • Energy focused projects
    • Workforce training and development

Bissonnette Firewood, $157,951: Upgrading firewood kiln and related drying equipment increase production and energy efficiency (Bristol) 

Boyden Farm, $133,609: Sustainable growth through infrastructure, HR, financial systems, and marketing (Cambridge) 

Dhaurali Goats, $99,500: Increasing local food access and entering new markets by upgrading goat slaughter facility to obtain VT state meat inspection (Colchester) 

Giddings Hill Forest Products, $60,000: New forwarder to provide safe, reliable, efficient machine for logging operation new employee (Enosburg) 

Mud City Farm, $78,000: Establishing maple sap collection operation (Morrisville) 

Redstart, Inc., $70,000: Expansion of Restoration Nursery (Bradford) 

Riverview Farm, $171,649: Net Zero Farmworker Housing (Franklin) 

Stonewood Farm, $66,300: Slaughter plant improvements and additional turkey poult brooder space (Orwell) 

Sunrise Orchards, $250,000: Farm income diversification through cidery and farmstand (Cornwall)