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2022 Supply Chain Impact Investments

Grant Overview

  • Award amounts $25,000 - $75,000
  • Project focus areas:
    • Infrastructure improvements supporting increased production, distribution; and/or distribution of a commodity or value-added product(s), thus benefiting the applicant and additional enterprises;
    • Infrastructure improvements that support increased production, processing,
    • Leveraging supply chain partnerships; to reach new or larger markets, e.g. via product aggregation, co- branding, vertical or horizontal efficiencies, etc.
    • Research and design for operations and/or product development (e.g., e-commerce, home delivery, curbside pick-up, blockchain technologies).

Addison County

Singing Cedars Farmstead

$60,000 for Infrastructure Improvements to Enhance Supply Chain

Caledonia County

Snug Valley Farm

$75,000 for Farm Product Aggregation and Retail Space

Chittenden County

Bread & Butter Farm, LLC

$75,000 for Market Place and Food Accessibility Expansion

Jenson Enterprises, LLC

$75,000 for Tree House Hardwoods/Vermont Butcherblock Co. Expansion

Orange County

Juniper Chase, LLC

$75,000 for Native Restoration Nursery to Meet Growing Demand

Orleans County

Hillside Homestead

$70,000 for Dry Sawdust and Hay Storage Project for Raw Milk Cheese

Sweet Rowen Farmstead

$75,000 for Remote Aggregation and Distribution Hub Infrastructure

Washington County

Bear Roots Farm, LLC

$75,000 for Infrastructure Expansion & Improvement

Windham County

Food Connects

$74,800 for New Market Opportunities for Working Lands Producers