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2022 Producer Association Grants

Producer Association Grant Recipients

Bennington County

Vermont Sheep and Goat Association 

$20,000 for market supply chain research and development grant for small ruminant producers.

Chittenden County

Vermont Fresh Network

$19,400 for resilience and recovery: cultivating connections, skills, and partnerships.

Vermont Organic Farmers

$20,000 for Back-to-Basics organic digital marketing campaign.

Vermont Farm Bureau

$20,000 for upgrades to technical equipment to support membership expansion.

Franklin County

University of Vermont State and Agricultural College

$9,900 for growing the economy of grain growing in Vermont through strategic planning, a website and logo.

Franklin and Grand Isle Farmer's Watershed Alliance

$10,754 for refocusing and reframing the Alliance.

Orange County

Real Organic Project

$20,000 for project label promotion.

Rutland County

Vermont Woodlands Association

$10,000 for transition and strategic planning for navigating change.

Washington County

Vermont Grass Farmer's Association

$15,500 for increasing the market acceptance of grassfed beef by improving industry understanding of the origins of off flavors.

Vermont Cheese Council

$18,050 for expanding funder marketing capacity and capabilities.

Windham County

Connecticut River Watershed Alliance

$20,000 for strategic plan development.