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2022 Meat Slaughter & Processing Business Grants

2022 Meat Slaughter & Processing Business Development Grants

Grant Overview

  • Award amounts $50,000 - $100,000
  • Project focus areas:
    • Business growth
      • Larger facility to increase production, processing and/or distribution, address known existing bottlenecks;
      • Market development: developing marketing plans and/or sales strategies;
      • Equipment infrastructure;
      • Research and development;
      • Operations logistics;
      • Growth strategy: new or expansion of current efforts, expanding consumer outreach and/or expansion of existing marketing strategy
    • Workforce training to benefit the broader industry
      • On the job training or apprenticeship opportunities;
      • HCAAP (food safety) plans and implementation;
      • Inventory, procurement, and pricing management;
      • Basic meat cutting and cured meat operation, cut and wrap for case-ready products, value-added processing;
      • Product development, sales, and marketing skills training;
      • Local Meat Processing: farmer to processor to buyer, direct to eater market, etc.

Awarded Projects

Addison County

Vermont Livestock and Slaughter Processing Company

$100,000 for facility renovation.

Bennington County

Southshire Meats, LLC

$74,761 for improvements and expansion of Higley Hill processing facility in Wilmington.

Caledonia County

Northeast Kingdom Processing

$104,028 for safety and efficiency upgrades for slaughter floor and smokehouse.

Chittenden County

Adam's Turkey Farm

$100,000 for farm modernization and expansion.

Rutland County

Haystack Farmstead

$95,259 for a modular meat plant.

Washington County

Babette's Table

$95,345 for smokehouse and packaging machine for increased capacity and efficiency for smoke pork products and expansion for hog farms in Vermont.

Windsor County

Royalton Meats

$50,032 for expanding smokehouse operations through training.