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2020 Service Provider Investments


Service Provider Investment Recipients

Service Provider grants were available to technical assistance providers across the state and provided roughly $20,000 to each grantee. The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative awarded $76,189 in total to these organizations.

Chittenden County

Northeastern Organic Farming Association of Vermont

$19,999 to increase the marketing skills of direct market farmers and farmers market leaders.

Rutland County


$20,000 for upgrading website to better promote and track logger trainings, provide more timely certification data for loggers, SFI mills, insurers and others seeking certified logging professionals, and update curricula and instructor manuals to ensure information is consistent and up-to-date.

Windham County

Strolling of the Heifers

$20,000 to provide a business accelerator specifically for farmers; it assists farmers in developing value-added products and agri-tourism as additional revenue streams.

Washington County

The Vermont Forest Business School

$20,000 for forest-based business owner professional development course and $24,999 for developing a mobile app for loggers and sawmills to track throughput

Vermont Grass Farmers Association

$16,190 for increasing the competitiveness of Vermont pasture-raised beef by facilitating connections, communication and camaraderie among Vermont pasture-raised beef farmers, butchers, abattoir staff, distributors and culinary professionals to address the barriers to marketing Vermont pasture-raised beef to Vermont restaurants.