Windfall Orchard - 2014 Working Lands Enterprise Investment Grant Recipient

Working Lands Grant Amount: $9,750

Match Amount: $3,250

Windfall Orchard, in Cornwall Vermont, has recently upgraded their cider making facility through a Working Lands Enterprise Grant. With the addition of a high speed elevator/grinder and 2 Lancman bladder presses, Windfall Orchard has more than doubled the hourly capacity of their operation while still maintaining the ability to custom press small batches of apples into cider.

They have been working with Shacksbury Cider Company to press all of the apples for their 1840 Hard Cider, part of their lost apple project. They are also pressing for homeowners who have their own apples and are interested in making cider. Not only does the press work for apples, but it works for grapes we well. They happily press grapes for homeowners who have small vineyards, and, Windfall Orchard offers their own fresh pressed Hard Cider blend for sale to cider hobbyists.