May 12, 2015

Secretaries and Commissioners from the agencies of Agriculture, Commerce and Community Development, and Forests, Parks and Recreation will gather to announce the 2015 Working Lands grant recipients at Maple Wind Farm in Richmond, VT.

February 24, 2015

The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative (WLEI), a joint initiative between the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation, and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, recently released its 2014 Annual Report.

January 26, 2015




Alison Kosakowski

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, & Markets



Susan Warner

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources



Mary-Kay Swanson

January 22, 2015

The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative began in 2012 to grow the economies, cultures, and communities of Vermont's working landscape by making essential, catalytic investments in critical leverage points of the Vermont farm and forest economy, from individual enterprises to industry sectors.

November 21, 2014

The Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) seeks proposals from interested, qualified persons familiar with and experienced in the agriculture, forestry, and forest products enterprise financing sector.Qualified contractors will possess a working knowledge of the financing of working lands businesses, to research and draft a blueprint for the financial tools outlined on the Vermont Department of Economic Development Business to Business Bi

October 2, 2014

Today, The Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) announces the availability of $1 million in grant funds for essential, catalytic investments in Vermont’s farm and forest economy, from individual enterprises to service providers to supply chain partnerships. These grants will fund projects that enhance Vermont’s economy, culture, and communities.

September 17, 2014

The Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB), in collaboration with the St. Albans-based Yellow Wood Associates (YWA), is pleased to announce the commencement of an in-depth analysis of the forestry and wood products industry in Vermont. With direction from the WLEB, YWA will engage stakeholders across all sectors of Vermont's forest and wood products economy to better understand the current state of the industry and identify opportunities for future strategic investment.

June 18, 2014

The Working Lands Enterprise Board announces this year’s grant recipients - 37 projects for $1.1 million in grants reaching every county in Vermont (8 forestry projects, 28 agriculture projects, 1 ag and forestry project) and leveraging $1.8 million in matching funds, building upon last year’s initial investment of $1 million. This year, the program further invests in job creation, innovation, sustainability, and increased income.

June 12, 2014

Agency of Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross, Agency of Commerce and Community Development Deputy Secretary Lucy Leriche, Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder, and the Working Lands Enterprise Board will announce the 2nd round of Working Lands grant recipients.

When: Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Arrival - 10am

Press Event - 10:30am – 11:45am