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Vermont Solid Waste District Managers

VT Solid Waste District Managers, Statewide Impact

2013 Service Provider Grantee: $55,000

The Vermont Solid Waste District Managers' Association consists of the ten solid waste distrcits and two planning alliances - the Mad River Resource Management Alliance and the Rutland Country Solid Waste Alliance Communities, with authority to manage solid waste in Vermont.  The project provided over 995 hours of techinical assistance which included: comprehensive planning, permitting, design, assessments, operational support, and training in best management practices to both existing and prospective food scrap recyclers throughout the State.  At the end of the year, VSWDMA found that there was an increase of 11.62% in total food scraps diverted to composting facilities and an 11% increase in capacity to process statewide.

  • Permitted, designed, and built 13 new compost sites
  • Provided 995 hours of direct technical assistance
  • Generated $140,000 in compost sales and tipping fees