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Vermont Woodworking School

Vermont Woodworking School, ​Cambridge, Franklin County

2013 Capital and Infrastructure Grantee: $50,000

Vermont Woodworking SchoolVermont Woodworking School offers classes and workshops, has thirty student benches for their education programs, offers a Woodworking Immersion Program, and hosts Burlington College's Craftsmanship and Design Certificates.  Vermont Woodworking School received a Working Lands grant to build an incubator space to serve individuals who are in the beginning stages of their wood products business.  The project was initally designed to house four residents in the incubator space, yet, they have exceeded their goal, currently providing a space for six residents.  The school is able to offer a space at a reasonable expense, and residents have access to a computer lab, a photo studio, and ongoing technical assistance.

  • Hired: One additional employee
  • Increased net income by: 145%
  • Created the capacity to house 6 incubator residents