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Vermont Wood Pellet Company

Vermont Wood Pellet Company, North Clarendon, Rutland County

Vermont Wood Pellet Company Pellets2013 Capital and Infrastructure Grantee: $38,153

Vermont Wood Pellet Company received a Working Lands grant to install two new pieces of equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of their wood pellets: a bi-directional auger, to reduce the loss of finished material, and a counter flow cooler, designed specifically to ensure unifrom durability.  These pellets can better withstand the bulk delivery, storage, and feed systems.  Partly due to the improved quality, demand has risen 120% over the last season.  This increased demand has directly and positively affected their bulk delivery partner: Vermont Renewable Fuels.  Additionally, they have experienced an electricity savings of approximately $600 per month.  The total outcome of these changes has brought Vermont Wood Pellet Company close to maximum production.

  • Hired an additional four employees
  • Awarded Best Softwood Pellet of the Year
  • Durability increased to 99%