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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative is to strengthen and grow the economies, cultures, and communities of Vermont's working landscape. The Working Lands Enterprise Board achieves this by making essential catalytic investments in critical leverage points of the Vermont farm and forest economy, and facilitating policy development to optimize the agricultural and forest use of Vermont lands.

Vision for Future Success

Vermont prospers, and its unique sense of place thrives in large part because of intelligent investment in the people and enterprises that comprise its farm, food, and forest-based systems. Strong community engagement and support for the farm and forest sectors leads to enhanced quality of life for Vermont citizens and working lands business owners.

Approach to Change

Access to Capital

Ability of an enterprise to secure the right match of capital to meet its financing needs for its stage of growth and scale.

Technical Assistance

Availability of services to develop business plans, identify risk management strategies, and implement financial management systems, as well as provide topic, product, and process expertise.

Workforce Development

Access to training that allows Vermonters who want to work in the working lands sector - and by extension, the employers they choose - to be at a world class level.

Smart Policy

Rules and statutes that optimize the agricultural and forest use of Vermont lands, while protecting human, environmental and animal health.

Value Chain and Sector Collaboration

Relationships between different actors along the chain, as well as across industry sectors, that strengthen the system as a whole.

Public Awareness

Communities' understanding of and support for the businesses and organizations that contribute to our working landscape.