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Grant Opportunities

Working Lands Funding Opportunities 

FY21 Business Grants

The FY21 Working Lands Enterprise Fund Supply Chain Impact Business Grant pre-application is now closed. Those who submitted a pre-application will be notified of its approval or denial by early February 2021. See the Business Grants page for key dates and details. For those interested in the FY22 funding opportunity, please revisit the Business Grants page in Fall of 2021.

FY21 Service Provider Grants

The FY21 Working Lands Enterprise Fund Service Provider Grant opportunity is now closed. Please revisit the Service Provider Grants page in Fall 2021 for details regarding the FY22 Service Provider Grant.

Funding Priorities

Grants are funded through a State of Vermont legislative appropriation, with additional philanthropic contributions. Funding priorities are determined annually by the Working Lands Enterprise Board. 

For the Fiscal Year 2021 grant cycle, the Working Lands Enterprise Board plans to fund:​

Supply Chain Impact Business Grants

  • Production and Processing in Agriculture – Enhancing production of value-added agriculture or forest-based products and/or manufacturing efficiencies, transitioning to operation as a new processor or expansion as an existing processor, addressing known bottlenecks along the supply chain, such as meat processing and slaughter capacity​

  • Low Grade Wood Equipment - to produce, screen, weigh, or package, wood fuel (firewood, pellets, or chips) for heating; kiln or flow-through dryers; increase commercial sawmill throughput or efficiency​

Service Provider Contracts

  • Business Coaching across the Stages of Development​

  • Enterprise Transitions, Succession Planning, Next Generation Business Owners and Post-Succession,​

  • COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience: Supply Chain – Improving Adaptability within Markets, broader solutions for   VT/regional supply chain impacts e.g., distribution and aggregation bottlenecks, and;​

  • COVID-19 Recovery: Emerging Market Development Needs - e-commerce, home delivery, curbside pick-up, block chain(traceability), and farmer/forest products to market apps​

Service Provider Grants

  • Market development, marketing plans, and sales;​

  • Business and financial planning; Business responses to COVID-19;

  • Enterprise transitions for next generation business owners and post succession;​

  • Access to capital; Manufacturing efficiencies or process flow; Business research and development

Links to Statewide Strategic Plans

(useful for the Impact Section of the Full Application)