Apply for Working Lands Grants & Loans

Writing Goals, Performance Measures & Outcomes

Applications submitted to the Working Lands Enterprise Board are required to have goals, performance measures, and outcomes. Below are definitions, tips, and an example:

Project goals

Why your project is being proposed.

What you wish to accomplish using measurable targets that will be met through your project.

The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative identifies nine goals, which should be in alignment with your goals.

Each of your project goals should have corresponding performance measures and outcomes.

Performance measures

Ways in which the effectiveness of project will be measured:

What will be measured

How it will be measured

When it will be measured

Well written performance measures should be simple, easy to understand, realistic, worthwhile and must be quantifiable measurements of the project's progress that are easily validated and audited.

Expected outcomes

What are the impacts and changes you anticipate will occur due to project work: on you and on your quality of life?

How will your project enhance your business? Please quantify your response, and briefly state how you think this will take place.

Will your project have a positive outcome on other businesses and on the supply chain?  If so, what types of business(es)?


For more assistance, view three examples of Goals, Performance Measures and Outcomes HERE.


For any further questions or technical assistance needs regarding the Working Lands Initiative, please contact Lynn Ellen Schimoler at or (802) 662-0327.