Working Lands FY 2014 Annual Report Now Available

The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative began in 2012 to grow the economies, cultures, and communities of Vermont's working landscape by making essential, catalytic investments in critical leverage points of the Vermont farm and forest economy, from individual enterprises to industry sectors. To date, the Working Lands Enterprise Board has invested in 74 agriculture and forestry projects, distributing $2.1 million dollars in Working Lands funds, and leveraging an additional $3.1 million dollars in matching funds. All fourteen counties have been impacted by the program.   

Thus far, 23 of the 74 projects have been completed, totaling 23% of the total funds invested to date. Despite only 23 projects reaching completion thus far (grant agreement timelines are for 12, 15, and 18 months), results clearly indicate a positive impact on Vermont’s ag and forestry sectors. Based on Fiscal Year 2013 grant recipients, data shows:

  • 25 new jobs have been created (full time equivalents) in the first year of grant investments) - *Goal for Fiscal Year 2015: 59
  • Aggregated gross income Increased by $880,831 - *Goal for Fiscal Year 2015: $1,489,210
  • Business increased product output by an average of 25% - *Goal for Fiscal Year 2015: 50%
  •  91% increased their capacity to fulfill additional contracts - *Goal for Fiscal Year 2015: 95%
  • 74% believe that the grant had a high or very high impact on their business - *Goal for Fiscal Year 2015: 100%

To see more information and data on the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative, check out our Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report.